Sobel Orthotics & Shoes, Inc.

Sobel Orthotics & Shoes, Inc. is an ABC (American Board for Certification) Accredited Pedorthic Facility. We treat a variety of foot ailments for patients from the pediatric to geriatric population. Our passion is biomechanics. Therefore, all foot orthotics are made in-house. There are no mail order foot orthotics here. We have shoes from extra-narrow to extra-wide for adults and children, and carry a large selection of shoes for the diabetic population. We are capable of a multitude of shoe modifications for congenital or acquired foot deformities, and leg length discrepancies. All patients are seen by Rob Sobel, our Board Certified Pedorthist. Our belief is the best way to achieve success is to have the patient assessed, gait analyzed, mold of the feet taken, and fabrication done in-house, and have follow up at regular intervals. When you are ready for a pair of foot orthotics that will get you back in the game, or just get you back to walking without agony, call and set an appointment.
40 Sunset Ridge Rd.
Suite 240
New Paltz, NY 12561
(845) 255-5717