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Fans of smokeless tobacco may be trading in their cigarettes. But they’re still blowing smoke about cigarette replacements. They say going smokeless is safer than lighting up. Health experts disagree. They insist there are no safe forms of tobacco. The website lists the...Read Full Article

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Illness Prevention: The K-12 Cleanliness and Hygiene Lesson Plan Collection

Illness prevention and personal hygiene education begins in the preschool and kindergarten years, but good hygiene practices are consistently reinforced throughout elementary, middle school, and high school...Read Full Article

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Exercise may help to safeguard the mind against depression through previously unknown effects on working muscles, according to a new study involving mice. The findings may have broad implications for anyone whose stress levels threaten to become emotionally overwhelming.

Mental health...Read Full Article

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Obese children and teenagers already show hints of future cardiovascular problems, new research has found.

German researchers studied 61 overweight and obese children 8-to 21-years-old, comparing them with 40 non-obese children of the same age. All were free of disease and not taking any...Read Full Article

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Bikram Yoga has recently become a fitness trend as well as a way of life for many Filipinos. If you're thinking about giving it a try, join Chrina Cuna as she gives it her best shot! In an interview with Al Galang,...Read Full Article

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Maximize all the sweaty benefits of hot yoga with these expert tips

Bikram is to yoga what Tae-Bo is to kickboxing. Like Billy Blanks, Bikram Choudhury took a long-existing practice and modified it to create a uniquely-packaged fitness franchise. According to the 66-year-...Read Full Article

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Whether on a crowded Eastern seaboard boardwalk, a sunny California ocean promenade or a meandering walkway in Des Moines, Iowa, if there are long stretches of smooth pavement, you will find in-line skaters wending their way gracefully, their fast-moving rhythmic motion leaving joggers and...Read Full Article

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