Don't Drink Yourself Overweight

Sugar sweetened beverages offer empty calories and not much else. Don't drink yourself overweight!


Terms and Conditions

Healthy Ulster County Network

Website Listing Guidelines and Agreement

1. All products, services, programs and events, accepted for listing on the Healthy Ulster County Network (HUCN) site, must be in keeping with the preventative health goals of the HUCN and must contribute, in a positive way, to the health and well-being of the Ulster County community and its residents.

2. The Ulster County Department of Health, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject any listing, which in its opinion does not conform to the goals and mission of the Healthy Ulster County Network.

3. Listings of a political nature or which promote discrimination against any individual or group, as well as listings which promote the sale or marketing of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, drug paraphernalia or sexually inappropriate products, services or events are strictly prohibited.

4. Individuals and organizations who voluntarily list their products, services programs or events with the Healthy Ulster Network are solely responsible for all necessary permits, licenses and insurance coverage. Ulster County shall bear no responsibility, either explicit or implied, for the safety, effectiveness or validity of any product, service, program or event listed on the HUCN.

5. Acceptance of a product, service, program or event listing by the Healthy Ulster County Network is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as official endorsement or sanction of the product, service, program or event by Ulster County.

6. Proposed listings are available to all Ulster County residents and organizations regardless of race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation.